What is Las Lomas Athletic Boosters Club?

The Booster club is a non-profit organization run and organized by parents of Las Lomas High School athletes.  Our purpose is to provide financial assistance and support our student athlete’s coaching staff in order to promote athletic excellence, a positive community image, and to have competitive programs through our fundraising and community donation programs.

Where Does The Money Come From?
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Held once a year, the Auction is held in early March and is a great source of revenue for us. Click on the icon to learn more.

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With six (6) membership levels, Booster cards offer a convenient way to attend home pages. Click on the icon to learn more.

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Purchase online or visit our Kiosk at home football games. See it. Like it. Buy It! Click on the icon to start shopping.

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Since 2016, we offer three (3) packages to advertise on our Stadium Scoreboard. Click on the icon to learn more.

Where Does The Money Go?
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Training staff, equipment, balls, nets, athletic trainer supplies.

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NCS Travel+

Buses and lodging to NCS/State competitions. Team banners.

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Cost of merchandise, plus auction venue, food, etc.

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Capital improvements.

Two Ways to Get Involved:

Become a Boosters Member

Help us help you - support the Boosters and we'll give back to our teams. By purchasing a Boosters membership, you'll be entitled to a number of benefits, and all members get free admission to each of the regular season home games.

Join the Booster Board

Sometimes, it's not about donating money but donating your time and skills. Running this program requires effort from many people with different skills. Take some time to learn about the Board positions--there may be a great role for you.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What have Boosters donations funded?

Our annual budget exceeds $100,000. This budget covers a wide range of items from big tickets to basic supplies such as balls. Below are just some of the many items that Boosters has funded over the last several years:

  • New sound system in the Gym
  • Softball, Swimming, Baseball scoreboards
  • Wrestling mats
  • Baseball Batting Practice Screen & Outfield Fences
  • Volleyball nets and poles
  • Time clocks and meet software for swimming and water polo
  • Fitness trainer’s salary (1/2)
  • Pop-Up Shade Tents for cross country
  • Concussion Assessment System
  • Senior Athletic Awards
  • Buses to NCS Games
  • Lots and lots and lots of Balls

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