What have Boosters donations  funded?
  • New sound system in the Gym
  • Softball scoreboard
  • Wrestling mats
  • Outfield fences
  • Pole vault poles
  • Volleyball nets and poles
  • Time clocks and meet software for swimming and water polo
  • Fitness trainer’s salary (1/2) and all training/medical supplies for treating injuries
  • Coach stipends ($15 per athlete per sport)
  • For non-capital intensive teams like cross country, Boosters has paid lodging costs for state meets

Items funded in 2010-2011:
  • New wrestling mat
  • New scoreboard for swimming and water polo
  • Football sleds
  • Baseball batting practice screen
  • Pole vault poles
  • Concussion assessment software
  • Lacrosse goals

Where do the sports participation donations go?
Your donations go to the district, which under-writes the following:
  • Coaches Fingerprinting
  • Coaches Certification
  • Processing of coaching paperwork in the Human Resources Department
  • Transportation (120 trips per year for each school)
  • Stadium Lighting
  • Prepping Stadium Fields, Athletic Fields, and Aquatics Facilities
  • Overtime for clean up of athletic events

Where do Gate Admission fees go?:
All admissions for football and basketball games go to the Las Lomas Student Body (ASB). For athletics, the ASB covers the following:
  • Officials
  • Supervision
  • Dues and entry fees
  • Timers and Ticket Takers at games
  • Athletic Awards (shared with Boosters)
  • Uniforms